September 8, 2011

Citrus and Garlic Marinated Olives

This recipe is one of the best to make (no cooking required!) and these olives are a perfect snack, addition to an antipasti platter, or appetizer at a cocktail party.

Citrus and Garlic Marinated Olives
serves: enough for a party

3 c cracked green olives
3 c pitted green olives
1 c kalamata olives
1/2 c caper berries
3 lemons
1 orange
9 cloves garlic (6 whole, 3 crushed)*
2 quart seal-able jar
olive oil
crushed red pepper, rosemary (optional)

Strain olives and caper berries into a colander and rinse thoroughly with water. Soak olives and capers in a bowl of cool water for 10 mins. Meanwhile, peal 9 cloves of garlic. Crush 3 of the cloves and set aside. Thinly slice citrus fruits, saving 1/2 of one of the lemons for juicing. 

Strain olives and capers.

In a 2 quart jar, layer olives, capers, garlic (and spices, if you are using them) and fruit slices alternatively until the jar is almost full. Juice the remaining 1/2 lemon and pour juice into the jar . Fill the jar with olive oil, to the top.

The olives last 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator. Remove from refrigerator for 25-30 mins before serving. 

*use more or less garlic, depending on your taste. I love garlic, and 9 cloves seems to be the perfect amount for me.


  1. This looks really fantastic! I'm obsessed with the lemon garlic olives from Whole Foods but making your own is even more fun :)